Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turned into a Pony Girl

Ahh, the pony girl. A fantasy I've had for quite some time, though this cap takes it a step further. Thanks to Lexi and Tammi Heartilly for the lovely and encouraging comments on my last two caps. And to Falko - I'll see what I can do in making a cap for you. Also what do you all think of the font I am using. Is it easy to read or should I change it? I was trying to go for something evil-ish looking and that's what I found (good 'ol AC/DC font).


  1. Wow, fantastic caption Isobelle, that's one of the hottest caps I've ever seen! Definitely a new favorite of mine, keep up the great work! Also love the new font, it goes well with your dark side.

  2. I love this cap. Its amazing, in fact that guy is very very luck

  3. Very nice. Do you have a pill that will do that to me? Not just a suit but real hooves.