Saturday, April 25, 2009

You Don't Know the Power of the Dark Side

This is a new blog I'm starting. It differs from my other blog in that the caps here will generally be of forced feminization. These will be of a much darker nature. Again my main goal is to have fun with this.


  1. Wow..This is a side I never saw in so hot I know it will burn

  2. Dear Mistress Isobelle Nichole,

    There is nothing dark for me in your transformations. They are my strongest desire and I want to join your dungeon! There I want to be transform into a devoted lesbian. No sex with man! I want to become an Amazon or better a Valkyrie at least 1,80cm high, long blond hair, big booty butt, big breast ( e cups ), long legs, thin waist, blue eyes, no body hair, very strong ,smart and intelligent. And I only will wear leather and latex.

    Hopefully yours


  3. I would love to join you in the Dungeon. I would want to be a redhead and assit you in any way you see fit. My name is Tom but I would become Shauna Marie at your hands.